High Power Pinhole Aperture

High Power Pinhole Apertures are used in high energy and power applications. The pinhole apertures are used in the optical transfer assembly of a system using a powerful laser as a source.A typical example is the aperture within a spatial filter assembly.           


Standard Material: Copper, Gold coated Copper

Diameter: 9.5mm or customized

Thickness: 0.05, 0.1mm or customized

Pinhole size: 1-1000um, high power slits are also available.

Centering: +/-0.01mm

Pinhole/Aperture Tolerance: 5% or 10%, depends on the specific dimension

Finish: Can be gold plated, both sides. Custom accpeted

Custom Pattern and Shape: All available, including round, rectangular, square, triangle, hexagon etc

High precision slits and pinhole apertures, chrome-coated glass slits are all available,  including mounted slits and pinholes.

We accept customization. If you have other patterns or requirements, pls contact us for more information.

High Power pinhole
Gold Coated Pinhole
Copper Pinhole Aperture
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