Apart from standard optical precision slits and pinholes, we have rich experiences in  double slits, multi-slits cuting, slit matrix fine cutting, and complex pattern customization.For the slit matrix cutting, we can make the pitch 25um.

Our Featured Products

Optical air slits or aperture are widely applied in optical systems, various educational  optical experiments,spectrophotometer image analysis etc.  

Material: 304 Stainless Steel 

Thickness (mm): 0.05mm or customized

Outer Diameter (mm): 9.5mm or customized              

Slit Length (mm): 3.0 mm or customized                 

Slit Width:10um-1000um

Finish: Can be blacked

Type:Unmounted, Mounted Slits are available

Material: 304 Stainless Steel  or Customized

                  High Power Pinholes are available

Thickness (mm): 0.05mm or customized

Outer Diameter (mm): 9.5mm or customized               


Finish: Can be blacked


Mounts and Mounted Pinholes are available.

Precision Pinhole

Custom Patterns for Optical, Laser, Astronomy
and other Scientific Applications

Material: Stainless Steel, Glass, Gold, Copper, Tungsten etc.

Material thickness: 0.05mm or customized   

Outer Shape: Round, square, rectangular etc.   

Patterns:  Round, square, rectangular, slit, arc, hexagon, octagon, annular and combinations of patterns or arrays.          

Finish: Can be blacked or not.         

Custom Shape and Pattern