Custom Micro Ceramic Washers

   We are capable of flat ceramic washers or spacers sized to Micron Levels and with extremely close tolerances.We can work with many types of materials especislly those hard and brittle materials,such as alumina ceramics, quartz, glass and so on. 

    Ceramic washers are one typical washer and widely used in various applications.     

    Due to ceramic’s features of corrosion resistance, temperature stability and non-conductivity,ceramic washers are  ideally suitable for high temperature and corrosive environments, or in high voltage enviroment where electrical conductivity is a concern.

   Custom ceramic washers capabilities:

1.Material:Alumina 99.6% , Alumina 99.8%, Aluminum Nitride and Zirconia

2.Thickness:0.127mm- 1mm

3.Max Outer Diameter:100mm

4.Min Inner Diameter: 50um                

5.Tolerance: 5~20um depends on specific dimensions

Flat Micro Alumina Washer
Alumina Washer
Micro Ceramic Washer
Micro Ceramic Washer
Cutting Edge of Micro Ceramic Washer
Cutting Edge of Ceramic Spacer

Apart from micro washers, we could also manufacture other micro shims, spacers, gaskets and rings like below.   

 We not only accept small quantity custom made but also are capable of high volume fabrication.

 Please send us a brief summary of your requirements and we will respond quickly with an evaluation.

Micro Rubber Gasket
Micro Rubber Gasket
Custom Rubber Indulator
Custom Rubber Insulaor