Custom Perforated Jigger Tubes For Pan/Perforated Tubes For Fluid Filtration or Gas Sparging

Jigger tube is a stainless steel tube(usually SUS316) that drilled with about 100,000 small holes of 200 microns per metre of tube length.This design is widely used in sugar industry to boost circulation and heat transfer rates in vacuum pans. The jigger tube system injects and distributes numerous small bubbles of steam at controllable rates into the base of the pan. Circulation is improved through a combination of the rising bubbles and the increased heat transfer that results from the increased massecuite velocity.

We can customize different kinds of perforated tubes or plates for R&D and sugar industry,including jigger tubes, fluid filtration tubes,gas or vapor diffusion tubes.We are a custom manufacturer of perforated tubes based on your specs, needs, and project application. 

Our Capabilities:

Hole Diameter:0.2-0.8mm, depends on the thickness of tubes

Tubes:Rectangular,Round tubes etc.

Material:Stainless Steel,Steel

Application:Sugar industry,food industry etc.

We are interested to develop perforated solutions for your specific application.