Infrared Targets (IR targets)

Infrared targets(IR targets) are used for testing thermal imagers operating at MWIR-LWIR spectral band. We can manufacture a wide range of IR targets by creating precision holes of different shapes, including 4-bar, circle, cross, semi-moon (semi-square), triangle etc in thin metal sheets. The surface of the metal sheet can be coated using high emissivity coating (Emissive IR targets) or polished to achieve high reflectivity (Reflective IR targets). Both types of IR targets will generate the same test results if used properly.

Emissive IR targets can be considered as classical well known targets that are manufactured by coating metal sheet with hole by diffusive black paints or by carbon deposition in vacuum chamber.

Reflective targets are manufactured by polishing metal sheet to achieve high reflectivity in infrared band.

Types of Targets and dimensions:

  • Bar targets
  • Square targets
  • Slit targets
  • Cross targets
  • Pinholes
  • Customized targets as customer request
  • Some typical targets specifications:
  • Target Minimal dimension TolerancesFinish
    4 Bar25µm±5%Customized, blacked, polished, gold-plated
    Slit25µm±5%Customized, blacked, polished, gold-plated
    Pinhole15µm±5%Customized, blacked, polished, gold-plated
    Square25µm±5%Customized, blacked, polished, gold-plated
    Cross25µm±5%Customized, blacked, polished, gold-plated
  • If you have any other customized requirement, pls feel free to contact for more information.
IR targets
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