Optical Slits on Glass

Optical Glass Slits are widely used for entrance and exit slits in optical instruments and systems, including spectrophotometers, line spread functions, masking and in a wide range of imaging and alignment applications. We also manufacture various metal slits and pinholes, pinhole array, slit array etc including mounted and unmounted.

Walthy optical slits are photo-etched on a chromium-coated optical glass substrate.

glass optical slit
optical slit

Slits of widths: 1-1000 μm extend across the whole substrate, or custom slit length

Substrate Diameter: 25.4 mm (1.0 inch)

Thickness: 1.5mm

Slit width Tolerance: ±5% 

Optical density: 3

Apart from this standard optical slit, optical pinholes, pinhole arrays or other pattern can be custom too. We accept customization, from prototype to mass production with fast turnaround.  If you have different requirements or designs, please feel free to contact us for more details.