Perforated Spiral Welded Tubes

    Spiral welded perforated tube is widely used in the petroleum industry as interior and outer protective covers for petroleum sand control pipes. Spiral welded perforated tube can also be a filter product with the sane the perforated round hole tube. Compared with straight welded tube, spiral welded tubing is approximately 15% stronger. Spiral welded tube does great job in holding high pressure and high impacts.

   We have rich experience in perforated tubes manufacturing and we know perforated tubes from materials, processing, welding, special treatment to its applications.

Product Name: Spiral Perforated Tube/Pipe, Center Tube for Filter Element 
Material: SS304/316/316L stainless steel etc
Hole Diameter: Various to meet different requirements for tubing strength and filtration
Hole Shape: round, slot and square.
Tube Diameter: 50~300mm
Wall Thickness: 0.5~5mm (special sizes can be customized )
Length: Customized, less than 12m
Finish: Electro polish to the stainless steel tubes
Note: Special specifications can be customized!

*Precise rolling, high resistance to external pressure. 
* Excellent corrosion-resisting
*Can be used as filter frame, precise filtering capacity.
* Easy for installation and less work time

Please contact us for more information and we can customize according to your specific requirements.