Material:Stainless Steel, aluminum,glass,copper and so on

Capbilities:slits with width from 10 to 1000 microns,pinholes are available

Application:Optical Systems, Various Educational  Optical Experiments, Spectrophotometer Image Analysis

Hole Diameter:0.2-0.8mm, depends on the thickness of tubes

Tubes:Rectangular,Round tubes

Material:Stainless Steel,Steel

Application:Sugar industry,food industry etc.

We are open to customize perforated tubes.

Material:Glass Substrate

Capbilities:Small holes (minimun 50um) or features in glass range from 100um thick to several mm thick

Application:Microscope Slides,Glass Coverslips, Microfluidics, Cranial Windows and more.

Material:can be Ceramics, Glass or Quartz.

Application:wafer processing etc.

Custom design available.

Subsrtate: Glass, PET,Quartz etc.

Pattern min line width: 2-10um (R&D),  recommend above 20um(production)

Any custom shape/patterns in CAD drawing

Max dimension:1000*2000mm